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HSI acquired Vado in 2020. HSI/Vado eLearning content provides organizations and learners online training to build the skills needed to lead and manage others, strengthen individual performance, and increase business results. Built to meet the way most people learn (on the job), each course provides learners with tutorial videos, a course introduction video, downloadable job aids, and an exercise to practice and build the desired skill. With mobile responsive courses designed to work on any mobile device and any screen size, learners will be able to develop anytime, anywhere, and when the learner is ready.

With more than 3,000 total courses, HSI provides integrated eLearning content, training solutions, and cloud-based software designed to enable your business to improve safety, operations, and employee development. Courses span countless disciplines including: Workforce Development, Management & Leadership, DE&I, Safety & Compliance, workplace wellbeing, Industrial Skills & Utilities, and emergency care training. Across all industries, we help safety and technical managers, human resources, first responders, and operational leaders train and develop their workforce, keep workers safe, and meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements.

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Basic Business SkillsVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Become a Contributing Project Team MemberVado2 hours£ 21.00
Bud to Boss ToolkitVado10 hours£ 50.00
Building Trust and RespectVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Building Your CareerVado4 hours£ 21.00
Building Your Leadership SkillsVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Coaching Career DevelopmentVado3 hours£ 21.00
Communicating Technical Information BundleVado2 Hours£ 21.00
Communicating with OthersVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Communication Skills for ManagersVado4 hours£ 21.00
Compliance ToolkitVado4 Hours£ 50.00
Conducting Great Online Demos and Sales CallsVado1 hour 30 minutes£ 21.00
Conflict Management SkillsVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Create and Manage Remote Teams ToolkitVado1 hour 30 minutes£ 50.00
Creating Great TeamworkVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Creating Great WorkVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Customer Engagement ToolkitVado3 Hours 30 Minutes£ 50.00
Customer Service BasicsVado3 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Customer Service ManagementVado4 hours£ 21.00
Delegating WorkVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Delivering Great Web Presentations ToolkitVado1 hour 30 minutes£ 50.00
Design Thinking BundleVado4 Hours£ 21.00
Developing and Coaching EmployeesVado4 hours£ 21.00
Developing for SuccessVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Developing Work RelationshipsVado3 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Developing Your SkillsVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Discussing Total CompensationVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Essential Business SkillsVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Giving Great FeedbackVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Healthcare ToolkitVado1 Hour£ 50.00
Increasing Employee EngagementVado4 hours£ 21.00
Increasing Your Contribution at WorkVado4 hours£ 21.00
Introduction to the Remote Leader ToolkitVado1 hour 30 minutes£ 50.00
Leadership BasicsVado3 hours£ 21.00
Leadership EssentialsVado3 hours£ 21.00
Leadership in Any RoleVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Leading Effective Virtual Meetings ToolkitVado1 hour 30 minutes£ 50.00
Leading the Organization StrategyVado4 hours£ 21.00
Management BasicsVado4 hours£ 21.00
Management EssentialsVado3 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Managing for SuccessVado3 hours£ 21.00
Managing Great ProjectsVado3 hours£ 21.00
Managing OthersVado3 hours£ 21.00
Meeting ManagementVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Onboarding New Employees Part 1Vado3 hours£ 21.00
Onboarding New Employees Part 2Vado3 hours£ 21.00
Onboarding New Employees Part 3Vado3 hours£ 21.00
Performance Management and Development ToolkitVado4 hours£ 50.00
Personal Behaviors and ConductVado3 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Pharmacy Compliance ToolkitVado2 Hours£ 50.00
Pharmacy Workforce ToolkitVado1 Hour£ 50.00
Predictable Revenue Lead Generation: Nets (Inbound Marketing)Vado1 hour 30 minutes£ 21.00
Predictable Revenue Lead Generation: Seeds (Customer Success)Vado1 hour 30 minutes£ 21.00
Predictable Revenue Lead Generation: Spears (Outbound Prospecting)Vado1 hour 30 minutes£ 21.00
Predictable Revenue: An IntroductionVado1 hour 30 minutes£ 21.00
Project Management EssentialsVado3 hours£ 21.00
Project Management for ManagersVado3 hours£ 21.00
Projects for IndividualsVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Providing Resources for SuccessVado4 hours£ 21.00
Recognizing EmployeesVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Remote Coaching and Feedback ToolkitVado1 hour 30 minutes£ 50.00
Remote Goal Setting and Accountability ToolkitVado1 hour 30 minutes£ 50.00
Retaining Your EmployeesVado4 hours£ 21.00
Small Business Management ToolkitVado4 Hours 40 Minutes£ 50.00
Starting a New JobVado3 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00
Supervision BasicsVado4 hours£ 21.00
The Legal Aspects of InterviewingVado25 Minutes£ 21.00
The Respectful Workplace - Employee Version - GeneralVado40 Minutes£ 50.00
The Respectful Workplace - Manager Version - GeneralVado1 Hour 20 Minutes£ 50.00
The Stay Interview ToolkitVado6 hours£ 50.00
Total View - Behavioral Interviewing ToolkitVado3 hours£ 50.00
Workforce Readiness ToolkitVado2 Hours 30 Minutes£ 50.00
Writing to Get Things Done ToolkitVado6 hours£ 50.00
You and Your BossVado2 hours 30 minutes£ 21.00