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Over 700 new titles and 6 new publishers

New Arrivals

Here at Course-Source, the eLearning supply and distribution service, we’ve been busy upgrading our course catalogue and adding well over 700 new courses in recent months.

With so much new content being added, we thought this round-up of “what’s new and updates” might be useful.

For context, we provide the “single point of procurement” for over 3,200 online courses from leading eLearning suppliers. Our focus on “curation and quality” is augmented with expert sales advice, full evaluation access, and seamless content integration onto any LMS.

Essentially we make it easy for companies to acquire the best and most suitable eLearning content, and only pay for what they need.


There are too many to list individually, but we’d like to draw your attention to the major additions and upgrades:

The Access Group*

During recent years The Access Group have grown their eLearning library via acquisition of numerous well-known eLearning providers (MicroLearn, Safety Media, eLFY to name a few).  This eclectic range has now been updated and consolidated into various content libraries covering Mental Health & Wellbeing, Workplace Skills, Corporate Social Responsibility, Health & Safety and Cyber Security . “Mix and match” options are also available.

The Access Group Screenshot

Assemble You*

A relatively new publisher of podcast style microlearning content. This rapidly growing range covers “power skills” (personal effectiveness), project management and a wide variety of useful business topics. Taking a deliberately “against the grain” approach (to focus primarily on audio-based training), the Assemble You courses suit a prevalent and in-demand learning style that is often underrepresented in business training content.

Flick Learning*

Flick Learning provide a comprehensive library of courses for the health and social care sector, and a variety of compliance-based training.


Subject matter experts in awareness and support for menopause in the workplace, providing specialist eLearning content for managers and general staff.

iAM Learning

The continued rapid expansion (41 new titles) of this lively range of high-quality animated eLearning. The courses have a fun, lightheaded approach that genuinely helps to engage learners in many useful, essential, and sometimes challenging subjects.

iAM Learning screenshot


KnowHow2 is a longstanding specialist publisher of Microsoft Office eLearning, and has added the latest MS Office 2021 courses. Training is available for all currently used MS Office versions and applications.


A US publisher with a strong focus on leadership, management soft skills, and workplace effectiveness.

Mindscaling screenshot

Simon Sez IT

The expansion of the video-based IT training catalogue, including courses on Python, Google Sheets and various other IT topics.


A US publisher of a substantial library of business, management and soft skills microlearning content.


A new publisher of interpersonal skills and effectiveness for managers, using high quality video and interactive media.

*new publisher partner

Remember that these are just some of the latest additions. We have hundreds more courses available. For full details, please visit our Course-Source website.

We are always here to help. As a specialist eLearning supply company, we’re here to help you make informed content choices and to advise on the most suitable purchase model. Again, all courses are available for full and free evaluation and they can be easily accessed via your LMS.