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Purchase options to suit every need

We offer a range of flexible purchase options to match your exact requirements. We also offer expert purchase advice to our customers, helping you to target your budget effectively. Please contact us for sales support.

Remember, you can access any courses through your LMS, or use ours for free.

The main purchase options are as follows:

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

  • A purchase of "PAYG credit" offers you access to over 2,000 courses from over 40 publishers.
  • Your PAYG credit is "spent" by enrolling learners onto any courses.
  • Up to 20% discount on course prices*.
  • Offers greatest flexibility on content options (enrol learners onto any course, entirely on demand).
  • No contract or ongoing commitment (simply top-up your PAYG credit as needed).
  • Pre-Payment Discount %
    £500 Base Price
    £2,000 10%
    £5,000 15%
    £10,000 20%

    *The course Base Price is listed on each course page.

    Purchases expire one year after the purchase date.

    Publisher Enrolments

  • A purchase of "Publisher Enrolments" offers you access to all the course titles from your preferred publisher.
  • This is an efficient way to acquire either one course for your employees or to "mix and match" with different courses (from the same range) according to your needs.
  • Offers deeper discounts for your preferred publishers (typically up to 60% discount).
  • No contract or ongoing commitment.
  • Indicative volume discount pricing as per the table below:
  • Enrolment QTY Discount %
    25 20%
    50 30%
    100 37.5%
    250 45%
    500 52.5%

    The course Base Price is listed on each course page. Please note: discounts may vary between different publishers. Please contact us for a quote to meet your exact requirements.

    Purchases expire one year after the purchase date.

    Annual License

    An Annual License provides "unlimited" access to a selection of courses (from a specific publisher) for the required number of people.

    Annual user licenses typically offer the best "cost per enrolment" when you are certain of the level of demand for the courses.

    Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements to identify the best purchase option for you.

    For Single Publisher PAYG and Traditional (user-based) Licencing for each publisher click on the links below to see their pricing.