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I have a cunning plan

Do you have one of Baldrick's cunning plans for training?

Cunning Plan

Most Brits are pretty familiar with Baldrick’s cunning plans. If you’re responsible for buying training, and you’re keen to avoid the disastrous ideas he was prone to, then there’s a simple tool you can use.

Navigating the sea of GDPR training

GDP-aaargh! Navigating the sea of GDPR training

GDPR 25th May 2018

If you are on the cusp of selecting appropriate GDPR training for your business, and wondering just where to start amongst the great many choices available (and with the added pressure of time running out), don’t worry! Help is at hand….

Instant evaluation access to a wide range of GDPR training

Do people like studying eLearning?

What is important to learners is a good learning experience and not the means of delivery

Learning experience

For some years I have been promoting that working learners (as opposed full-time students) are seeking what I call a ‘J3’ learning experience:

‘Just-in-Time, Just-Enough, Just-for-Me’