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Top 10 tips to maximise learner engagement with eLearning

See No eLearning, Hear No eLearning, Speak No eLearning

The statistics surrounding learner engagement with eLearning remain very concerning. According to the CIPD’s latest report on eLearning, whilst over three quarters of organisations are now utilising eLearning, only one in three report that most employees take it up, and only one third of these complete their eLearning. These results show little improvement from the CIPD’s 2011 study.

Can eLearning be used effectively for soft skills training?

Which side of the fence are you on in this long standing debate? We are defining ‘soft skills’ as the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Examples would therefore be: listening, showing empathy, negotiating, informing. Do you think that eLearning has any part to play in this important people development agenda? We believe the answer is ‘Yes’ when used as part of an appropriate blended learning model.

In the eLearning world just how long is a piece of string?

Are we too obsessed with numbers when it comes to eLearning? eLearning publishers will frequently state that a specific course is x minutes in duration, and x is often a very precise number like "37 minutes". I’m sure we’ve all wondered how they get to such an accurate measure of time for an activity that is highly dependent on an individual learner’s commitment, learning style, mood, technical abilities, and other factors. In fact, are we just not simply missing the real point about eLearning in even attempting to pose or answer the question?