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Course News for October 17

Happy Student

Office 365 Courses from Knowhow2

We have now launched Knowhow2's range of twenty nine Office 365 courses covering Access 2016 (5), Excel 2016 (7), Word 2016 (6), PowerPoint 2016 (6) and Outlook 2016 (5).

Measuring ROI - the Holy Grail for L&D Managers

Training is an investment in the development of your people and, for some, that is sufficient justification. However, for others, we know that training budgets are often cut, underspent and challenged. We also know that people wanting to upskill find it difficult to obtain the sign-off to take a training course. This is partly due to the cost and time away from the day job but also because managers are not convinced that this time and money will provide a good return on their investment or ROI.

Naughty, Naughty, very Naughty

If you’ve not been on a Police speeding course, you probably know someone who has. These cost just about the same amount of money as a speeding fine – but they save you a packet, when it comes to renewing your insurance.

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