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Boosting the performance of new starters through an effective staff onboarding programme is business critical.


Organisations spend enormous amounts of time and resources to hire a new employee. According to Bersin by Deliotte, 22% of new hires leave their new jobs in the first 45 days of employment. Their research goes on to say a poor induction and onboarding process is the reason for new hires quit this quickly. The report suggests that top notch organisations focus on “enculturation and socialization” in their onboarding process.

We can help your organisation drive new hire enculturation, socialisation and engagement.

We have a wide range of eLearning modules that can be used as part of an effective and integrated onboarding programme. Combined, these courses can be used to onboard, socialise and build the relationship between the new hire, manager and team. You benefit from increased new hire engagement, shorter time to contribution and increased new hire retention.

See below for a selection of courses from various publishers that can be used as part of a staff induction programme:

For New Starters

Health & Safety
• Health & Safety Induction - Essential Skillz

HR Policies
• Disciplinary Policy - Essential Skillz
• Essentials of Equality & Diversity - Engage in Learning
• Grievance Policy - Essential Skillz
• Homeworking Policy - Essential Skillz
• Internet User Policy - Essential Skillz
• Resource Efficiency - Essential Skillz
• Rules and Regulations - a guide to your responsibilities - Learndirect Business
• Social Media Policy - Essential Skillz
• Unconscious Bias - Learning Heroes

Understanding the Organisation
• Basic Business Skills - Vado
• Become a Contributing Project Team Member - Vado
• Building Trust and Respect - Vado
• Creating Positive Working Relationships - Jenison
• Starting a New Job - Vado
• Understanding Your Organisation - Learndirect Business
• Using Equipment and Resources - Learndirect Business
• Working Effectively - Learndirect Business
• Working in a Business Environment - Learndirect Business
• Working in Teams - Jenison
• Working with Others - Learndirect Business
• You and Your Boss - Vado

Managing your Time
• Managing Yourself Effectively - Jenison
• Organising yourself - Learndirect Business
• Productivity and Time Management - Learning Heroes

For Managers

• Onboarding New Employees Part 1 - Vado
• Onboarding New Employees Part 2 - Vado
• Onboarding New Employees Part 3 - Vado
• Managing a New Team - Jenison