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iAM Learning

iAM Learning is disrupting what you know about learning.

What you need is something different. Something disruptive. Yeeees, we know it’s a buzzword. Google this and Amazon that. But we don’t throw the term around lightly. We have changed the trajectory of our customers' experience by making daring animated explainer content that's engaging, vibrant and authentic. Companies are fast-discovering that fun, bite-size video & animation is the way forward.

Our approach to content creation is different. No more endless PowerPoint's that you can't wait to skip through. Instead, we use the art of storytelling to bring content to life and engage learners throughout. We know we have to earn every valuable minute of your time. With stunning animation & short courses that you can take anytime on any device, we're making lots of friends. And teaching a lot of people along the way!

All courses
TitlePublisherTraining TimeBase Price
Accident Reporting TrainingiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Allergy AwarenessiAM Learning30 Minutes£ 30.00
AnxietyiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Asbestos AwarenessiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Change ManagementiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Cognitive Behavioural TherapyiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Collaborative Problem SolvingiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Communication SkillsiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Computer Workstations (DSE)iAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Coping with IsolationiAM Learning5 Minutes£ 5.00
Covid-19 AwarenessiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Creating a Coaching CultureiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Crisis preventioniAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
CyberbullyingiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Dealing with StressiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Dealing with Suicidal feelingsiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Depression and Low MoodiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Effective Decision MakingiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Emotional IntelligenceiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Fire Safety AwarenessiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Fire Warden AwarenessiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
GDPR GuruiAM Learning30 Minutes£ 30.00
How to Have a Conversation about Mental HealthiAM Learning5 Minutes£ 5.00
How to Have an Honest ConversationiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Legionnaires AwarenessiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Personal ProductivityiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
PPE EssentialsiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Return to Work 101iAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Slips, Trips and Falls iAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Social Media & Self ImageiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
The Adventures of RIDDORiAM Learning5 Minutes£ 5.00
The Adventures of the Lone WorkeriAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
The Basics of Manual HandlingiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
The Power of StorytellingiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
The Remote Worker LifesaveriAM Learning20 Minutes£ 0.00
The Ups and Downs of Ladder SafetyiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Time ManagementiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Unconscious BiasiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Viruses and MalwareiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Warning SignsiAM Learning10 Minutes£ 10.00
Working from HeightiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Working in Confined SpacesiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00
Workplace Mental HealthiAM Learning20 Minutes£ 20.00