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e-learning WMB has just gone live on course-source offering 78 new eLearning modules across a variety of disciplines disciplines including HR, Induction and General Business Skills, Health and Safety, Data Protection and Security, Social Issues and Housing and Construction. Category summaries are shown below.

elearning WMB

e-learning WMB is not a new entrant to the eLearning industry. It is a highly experienced company who have been providing computer based learning since 1992. e-learning WMB places video presenters into interactive virtual eLearning worlds. This produces content that initially looks like a bespoke corporate video, but has the interactivity (and more) of traditional eLearning, incorporating videos, e-books for more in-depth knowledge, and question and answer sessions to test retention. e-learning WMB courses are designed to be played in all regular formats (Adobe Flash, Apple IOS and Android Apps and HTML5) without any loss of quality. e-learning WMB pricing is cost-effective and is made even more so when using the course-source enrolment or PAYG pricing options.

HR, Induction & General Business Skills

These courses cover generic job skills and employee orientation. These courses are ideal for new starters and existing employees alike, as well as providing valuable guidance for HR Managers. Examples include “Customisable Induction”, “Social Media Usage” and “Dealing with Grievance Issues”.

Health & Safety

These courses have been approved by RoSPA where applicable (Asbestos Awareness, COSHH, DSE, Manual Handling, Mobile Ergonomics, Fire Safety, Induction, Lone Working, Risk Assessment & Working at Height). The courses follow European Union legislation but are not legislation specific (i.e. suitable for use in the USA, Far East etc.).

Data Protection and Security

These courses cover security issues surrounding matters such as data security and bribery. Most of these courses are not legislation specific apart from the course on the Bribery Act. Some courses have a broader outlook such as “General Security” whilst others are more personal such as “Managing your Digital Footprint”.


These e-learning WMB courses covers general health and social issues which may affect the day-to-day business operations. This important set of modules provides training and guidance for such workplace subjects as “Equality and Diversity” as well as a range of substance abuse topics including alcohol, drugs and volatile substances.

Housing & Construction

This eLearning is aimed specifically at organisations that build and maintain homes such as social housing providers and construction companies. There is a wide variety of courses whose main focus is on good social practices and management rather than construction issues themselves.