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  • "By 2020, businesses will be even shorter of talent than in 2015, and what’s really going to differentiate successful organisations will be their willingness to seek out talent in all parts of the world, and from all groups", says David Schofield, Group Head of Corporate Responsibility at Aviva.
  • Business leaders have also found that hiring people with disabilities builds a more authentic, loyal and creative culture.
  • For every female executive in a Standard & Poor's 1500 firm, you will find four men named John, Robert, William or James.

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It’s not that equality and diversity isn’t advancing in the workplace, it’s just that it isn’t happening quickly enough.

Today 59% of graduates are women, yet their presence on the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) employer programmes only averages 42%. Older employees in the workplace consistently demonstrate productivity rates equal to or better than their younger colleagues, yet most business fail to support the over 55’s with the training and resources they need.

Skills gaps persist because L&D managers operating on one region, fail to integrate the existing talent they already have in another, and opportunities are missed because the vast talent held within the disabled sector of the modern workforce is underexploited.

Communicating the value of equality and diversity across the workforce is the critical issue that today’s L&D leaders need to address now, in order to deliver the workscape that will win new markets tomorrow.

That’s why we’ve brought the best-of-breed in equality and diversity e-learning courses from a range of industry leading publishers together in one place for you to evaluate and purchase on per-enrolment basis.

Make a start today with our fully editable Equality and Diversity Essentials from NimbleCourses. Help your workforce understand Unconscious Bias from Marshall ACM, or teach them how to better engage with disabled customers and staff communities using Skillsbooster’s Disability Confident course. Browse, try and review our full range of courses here.