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Workplace Conflict: Understanding Conflict Behaviour

Course Overview

Understand the psychology of conflict situations. Conflict can result in emotional and even physical harm, but knowing why conflict arises and how to respond to it can protect you from these risks. Drawing on the expertise of security specialists Trisat, who have helped clients from Jaguar Land Rover to T-Mobile keep their people safe, this course introduces you to the fundamentals of conflict psychology.

Course Objectives

Guided by audio narration, and engaging with interactive exercises, you will learn:

  • How people behave in conflict situations
  • How conflict situations develop
  • The body language of aggression
  • The psychology of violent crime
  • What triggers and inhibits aggression
  • How conflict affects the victim
  • The psychology of de-escalating conflict

The course also includes a short assessment, so learners can test their mastery of the material