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Working With Substances Hazardous to Health


Say my name.” His name is Walter White… or Heisenberg. If you haven’t already seen Breaking Bad you probably should. It’s about a terminally ill chemistry teacher who changes career and starts manufacturing recreational drugs in his camper van. Unfortunately, the substances he created were very, very harmful. Not to mention highly illegal. Your job probably isn’t quite so hazardous, or as illegal, as Walter White’s. You don’t have to be a drug dealer to work with chemicals and harmful substances though. Many jobs need access to them, and most workplaces store them. They can be very dangerous to work with, so learning how to handle and store them properly is essential.

Outline Learning Objective?

  • Explain what chemicals and harmful substances are
  • Identify the dangers
  • Demonstrate how to work with chemicals and harmful substances safely

Why take this course?

If you work with any kind of chemical or harmful substances, then you need to know how to do that safely, and how to store them correctly. This course will help you to understand the dangers of working with chemicals and harmful substances and teach you the right way to do it.