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Weekly Wellbeing


Weekly Wellbeing covers all of the essential aspects of wellbeing - a healthy diet, physical activity, stress management, and ways to make healthy habits a part of your daily life. Whether you’re looking to improve your knowledge and go on to study well being in more depth, or simply looking to improve your health, this course is the ideal first step.

Learning Outcomes

Weekly Wellbeing is a video-led course, supported by pratical exercises, journals, and questions to test your understanding:

  • Identify how diet and health affect your general wellbeing
  • Understand the links between nutrition, stress, and exercise
  • Apply your understanding using journals, setting daily goals to improve your wellbeing


Section 1: Introduction

  • Unit 1.1 - Introduction

Section 2: Wellbeing Essentials

  • Unit 2.1 - Nutrition
  • Unit 2.2 - Exercise
  • Unit 2.3 - Stress

Section 3: The Weekly Guide

  • Unit 3.1 - The Weekly Guide

Section 4: Conclusion

  • Unit 4.1 - Conclusion


1.5 Hours