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Visual Impairment Awareness for All

Course Overview

Every day, 250 people start to lose their sight, so being visual impairment aware is vital. Join my trusty guide dog Zodiac and me and learn how to make the world more accessible, inclusive and equal for people living with sight.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Section 1. Introduction, Meet your Presenters, Sight Loss Facts and Myths Quiz
  • Section 2. Identifying Sight Loss
  • Section 3. Eye Conditions and their Effects
  • Section 4. The Emotional Impacts of Sight Loss
  • Section 5. Accessibility
  • Section 6. Assistive Technology
  • Section 7. Communicating Effectively
  • Section 8 - Mobility and Sighted Guiding Techniques
  • Section 9. Take-home messages
  • Section 10. Useful Links
  • Section 11. Congratulations!