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Virtual Teams: Transition to Remote Working

Course Overview

Learn how to make the switch to remote working. With the right approach, working from home and remote working can improve your work-life balance and help you achieve greater productivity. This course on transitioning to remote working will walk you through the transition step-by-step, to help you unlock the potential of remote working.

Course Objectives

Guided by audio narration, and engaging with interactive exercises, you will learn how to:

  • Set up your workspace and choose the right virtual tools for you
  • Adjust your lifestyle
  • Collaborate with your colleagues as you make the switch
  • Tackle productivity and wellbeing challenges with the “Remote Worker’s Toolkit”
  • Maintain office-level security when remote working

The course also includes a short assessment, so learners can test their mastery of the material

  • Learn how to get set up when you start working remotely
  • Understand the challenges of working away from the office
  • Know how to get into the swing of virtual teamwork and remote working
  • Learn how to stay secure while working from home