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Troubleshooting Issues on Your Project


Welcome to Audio Learning from Assemble You.

What you'll come to realize during your journey as a project manager is that no matter how skilled and experienced you are, things can always go wrong. Sometimes they'll be minor issues that are easily resolvable, and sometimes they'll completely change the course of the project and create untold amounts of stress.

As a project manager, the ability to recognize and subsequently troubleshoot these problems is essential. It is your job to be flexible and adaptable because when an issue arises, the team will always look to you for guidance, and the stakeholders will look to you for reassurance that the project will still move forward.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about some of the common issues faced on projects, such as a lack of clear goals
  • Learn how to respond to these challenges in a way that keeps stakeholders and your team happy.

Target Audience

Project managers at the start of their career, or someone who has been given the reins on a stuttering project who needs to iron out performance issues, or roadblocks to project progress.