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Transformation of Technology, Security, and Enterprise Architecture

Course Overview

Organizations today have to adapt a digital strategy to stay aligned with the transforming market, business models, customer needs, and overall operations.     In this course, we will review three aspects of digital transformation. The first aspect is the transformation of the digital technology. Legacy  systems over time become operational risks for a business.    These systems are not necessarily non-functional but prove to be a drain on costs and increase the vulnerability to security threats. Additionally, they prevent businesses from being truly agile in a dynamic marketplace.    The second aspect is the transformation of enterprise security. With the proliferation of new digital technologies, also comes the question of enhancing the existing security protocols and creating newer ones.   The third aspect is transformation of enterprise architecture. With the transformation of technology and security, enterprise architecture itself is undergoing a huge transformation. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the transformation of an enterprise
  • Enhance the existing security protocols and create newer ones 
  • Appreciate the changes reflected by IT architecture