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The management styles


Managers have to deal with a range of different situations, from coworkers with different skills and motivations, to circumstances with varying imperatives and degrees of urgency.

Managers must constantly adapt. Intuition, experience and personality are not enough on their own. Instead, managers must be conscious of their preferences, strengths and weaknesses, and constantly adjust their behavior.

They need to assess risks and develop their interpersonal and organizational strengths if they want to succeed.

This module will help you understand the different options and adopt the appropriate behavior.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, you will know how to:

  • Adopt an effective management style, capitalizing on your strengths.
  • Your management style will therefore be specifically tailored to different circumstances and coworkers.

Module Program

  • Recognizing and differentiating between different management styles.
  • Adopting the positive aspects of each management style.
  • Adapting your management style to the circumstances: contextual management.

Key Advantages

  • Practical case studies will help you optimize the way in which you manage each coworker.
  • Effective tools to improve your communication and boost individual performance.

Target Audiences

All managers.


No prerequisites.