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The emotional skills of the manager


Traditionally, emotions have long been banned from the workplace as can be seen by expressions such as 'leave your emotions at the door'.

In reality, emotions are constantly present at work. By managing your own emotions and by maintaining emotional equilibrium, you learn to manage situations objectively and clearly. Emotional intelligence is an essential management skill.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, you will know how to:

  • Become a better manager by managing your own emotions.
  • By identifying your emotional profile, you will be better equipped to anticipate sensitive situations.
  • By understanding how emotions work, you will be better able to build on the positive effects of emotions.

Module Program

  • Analyzing emotional mechanisms.
  • Identifying and managing your emotions.
  • Managing emotionally charged situations effectively.

Key Advantages

  • Discover how emotions impact managerial effectiveness.
  • Decipher your own emotions, express them in an effective way.
  • Recognize emotions in your coworkers so you can address them effectively and authentically.

Target Audiences

Experienced managers who want to master the basics of management.


No prerequisites.