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The challenges of customer relations


The role of customer service associates relies more than ever on maintaining loyalty.

As an ambassador of the brand, you are constructing, day after day, a strong alliance between the company and each customer.

There are a few secrets to building successful relationships with customers.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, you will know how to:

  • Identify and take account of the operational and relationship expectations of your customers to better satisfy them.
  • You will incorporate the emotional dimension into your customer relationships in order to better secure customer loyalty.

Module Program

  • Defining customer satisfaction assessment criteria.
  • Understanding the difference between meeting expectations and creating customer loyalty.
  • Identifying the moments of truth in the customer relationship.
  • Mastering the key emotions in developing customer loyalty.
  • Achieving success in the emotional aspect of customer relations.

Key Advantages

  • A simple, practical method to identify customer expectations and select the most appropriate response.
  • Fun exercises to gain an insight into the customer pathway.
  • Tools to help you manage emotions - yours and your customer's.

Target Audiences

Anyone who works in direct contact with customers.


No prerequisites.