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The Bribery Act 2010


It’s a useful resource for businesses of any size wishing to understand their obligations under the Act and provides clear and practical guidance for employees to ensure they have sufficient knowledge in this complex area. We were particularly impressed that training can be tailored to focus on the areas of key importance to any business.

It’s user-friendly and benefits from real-life scenarios, providing learners with the opportunity to test their understanding at the end of the course. We would not hesitate to recommend this training to any of our clients seeking an overview of the Act.”

Your learning outcomes

Our Bribery Act e-learning training course covers essential information on the Bribery Act 2010, and its implications in both the public and private sphere. Under the Act the following offences have been created:

  • Active bribery
  • Passive bribery
  • Bribery of foreign public officials
  • Facilitation payments
  • Bribery prevention failure

Course duration

30 Minutes - Learners have the option to bookmark progress and complete the course in chunks.