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Team Analysis

Course Overview

Do you steer or fear progression planning? How do you identify what skills your team have/need? This course will help you to undertake a skills analysis with your team, identifying skills gaps, and plan for the future of your workforce.


In this programme we will explore:

  • Why you need to know your team's skills and knowledge
  • The skills within your team
  • How to undertake a skills analysis and identify skills gaps with your team
  • Recognise your top performing staff and rising stars
  • Design targets that support both you and your team's development
  • Plan for the future and up skill your workforce

You will be developing the knowledge and skills to use within a managerial role and attain the results you want. This course is approximately 1.5 hours long.


The Team Analysis course has been carefully designed to enable you to take the materials and apply the learning to yourself in manageable stages. To ensure you are able to interact with all the programme content, you will need:

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet programme
  • Presentation software
  • PDF reader
  • Printer with paper and card
  • Speakers/sound
  • Access to the internet
  • Web browser with ability to use work VLE/LMS

This fully online course has been carefully designed to enable you to take the materials, apply the learning to your role and is broken down into manageable steps. This programme allows you to check your knowledge at relevant stages. Learning resources include:

  • Fully narrated media
  • 3 videos
  • 2 downloadable PDFs
  • 1 spreadsheet solution
  • Signposting to suitable organisations
  • Supporting glossaries
  • Interactive elements
  • Ongoing assessment
  • Progress tracking

Target Audience