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Tax Evasion Awareness


Laws were introduced in 2017 to encourage businesses to prevent their representatives from helping clients to evade tax. This training will help to keep you and your company from any involvement in the facilitation of tax evasion.

This module is aimed at anyone working in a role where they could be exposed to situations in which a third party could ask them, or try to make them do something, to help the third party evade tax.

What's included in this course?

By working through the module, you will understand:

  • What tax evasion is and how it differs from tax avoidance.
  • The tax evasion facilitation offences and why they’ve been introduced.
  • How to recognise the signs and red flags that could point to a risk of facilitating tax evasion.
  • The consequences of breaking the law for both yourself and the company you work for.