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Stress & Resilience Pathway Training


If you are finding yourself experiencing any level of stress or anxiety, you can benefit from this video-led course which provides tips and techniques for managing stress and building resilience. You will also learn how to deal with people who are themselves emotionally charged and discover some easy-to-apply techniques that can be useful in work, family and social settings.

This stress and resilience skills course is divided into 6 parts. Each segment is provided as a 10-minute video and a workbook with sections in each video guiding you to pause and answer questions that apply to you in your role.  Whether you are experiencing stress and anxiety yourself or others around are this course will help you build your skills and knowledge of increased stress management and building resilience .

  • Managing stress
  • Being resilient
  • Health and wellness
  • Being assertive
  • Mindfulness
  • Dealing with emotional clients and colleagues

Extra Information

Each topic includes a short workbook that will help you apply the principles in your role and provide an action plan that you can work towards for each area.