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Speaking Up For Yourself


Nerves are rubbish. If you find yourself feeling too nervous to ask your boss for a pay rise or time off, or find it hard bringing something up with a colleague, you’re not alone. Having difficulty saying no to something or finding yourself in an uncomfortable position after your silence has been taken as agreement is common, too.

As scary as it might seem, you’ve got to stand up if you want your true intentions to be known. Speaking up for yourself can make a real difference to your personal, social, and work life. This course will help you find ways to speak your truth, deal with others honestly, and learn to speak up for yourself.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the risks and benefits of speaking up
  • Explore the skills required to speak up effectively
  • Develop an approach to speaking up respectfully

Why should I take this course?

Everyone, no matter how confident, can recall a time when they wish they’d spoken up. Most of us have also been in a situation where we’ve spoken up and found it didn’t go well. But that shouldn’t stop you from upgrading this useful skill. This course can help you identify when to speak up and how to do it effectively.