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So you need to manage a neurodiverse workforce


In this short course, you'll learn how you can manage a neurodiverse workforce with respect, understanding, and inclusiveness.

Neurodiversity is a term conceptualised by Judy Singer, an Autistic sociologist. She contends that diverse neurological conditions are the result of normal variations in human brain type. Thus, neurodiversity is about recognising, understanding, and respecting the fact that there are many different ways of thinking and experiencing the world. In the past, those whose brain's differed from the NeuroMajority were considered "deficient" in some way and needed "fixing". Luckily, we now know better.

Learning Objectives

In the workplace we are starting to realise the numerous benefits that neurodiversity brings. In this short course, you'll learn how to help your business thrive by unlocking your employees' individual strengths and fostering a culture where everyone feel like they belong.

Why should I take this course

Managing a neurodiverse workforce with respect, understanding, and inclusiveness has benefits for all. It’s good for the colleagues of the neurodivergent workers, staff morale, as well as productivity - and of course the organisation’s bottom line, too. We'll explore some practical steps for managing a neurodiverse workforce in the time it takes to make a good cup of coffee.


This module is for CEOs, managers and mentors who want to improve their understanding of neurodiversity and their ability to lead in a workplace where it is embraced and celebrated.