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SharePoint Online Site Manager - Intermediate II

Who it's For:

This course was designed for those tasked with managing a SharePoint site or site collection. It?s for individuals intending to get an in-depth, hands-on understanding of what?s possible in SharePoint Online, including potential site owners, power users, support professionals, and portal designers. Users looking to specialize in SharePoint environments are also recommended to take this course.

What it is:

SharePoint is a web-based platform designed to facilitate more effective communication and collaboration on projects, within teams, as well as improve standard day-to-day operations.

What You'll Learn:

Become proficient in the foundational concepts necessary to build, manage, and support a SharePoint Online site. This course has been designed from start to finish to provide the latest information on tools available, as well as effective strategies for implementation in the areas of metadata, permissions, site structure, and more.


Part 1

  • Creating and Managing Sites
  • Creating a New Subsite
  • Customizing the Look and Feel of Sites
  • Choosing a Site Theme
  • Saving a Site Theme
  • Saving a Site as a Template
  • Saving a Site as a Template with Content
  • Building a Site from a Template without Content
  • Building a Site from a Template with Content
  • Downloading, Sharing, and Uploading Site Templates

Part 2

  • Configuring Site Navigation
  • Site Navigation
  • Quick Launch Navigation vs Top Links Navigation
  • Adding Pages, Lists, and Libraries to Quick Launch
  • Customizing the Top Links
  • Tree View
  • Nesting Quick Launch Links