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Selling Age Restricted Products


Everyone’s done it. Tried to buy alcohol when they’re underage, that is. And with varying success, too (thanks, early growth-spurt). The problem is: kids don’t really care that those age limits are there to keep them safe. And changing their attitudes is just part of the overall problem. As responsible adults, we have a duty to ensure that underage people can’t easily access products that could be harmful to them. Not only could they be hurt, but the consequences for you could be dire, too. Luckily, there are rules and legislation in place that must be followed to keep everyone safe. This course explores them fully.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the laws in place to protect children and adults, and the consequences of illegally selling age-restricted products
  • Demonstrate the right time to use the Challenge 25 scheme
  • Identify what can be accepted as proof of age when requested

Why Should I take this course?

If your role includes selling potentially harmful products, such as alcohol, tobacco or anything dangerous that could be subject to age restrictions, then this is the course for you. Even seemingly harmless products such as party poppers and Christmas crackers could potentially hurt someone and land you in a whole heap of trouble. Penalties include fines, loss of licences and even prison time. It’s in everyone’s interest to take this course.