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Safeguarding Against Radicalisation - The Prevent Duty


This course is Home Office accredited and approved. We’ve worked closely with the Home Office’s, Office of Security and Counter Terrorism department, to produce the latest and very best in Prevent Duty training. Prevent is the Government’s strategy to stop people becoming involved in violent extremism or supporting terrorism. Channel is an early intervention multi-agency process designed to safeguard vulnerable people from being drawn into violent extremist or terrorist behaviour. In this course you will learn about the Prevent strategy and the Channel process and what you should do if you believe that someone you know is vulnerable to being exploited or radicalised.


This courses is intended for anyone working in education, local authorities, health, youth justice, probation, the private sector and any organisation working with children and young people.

About this course

This Home Office accredited course will heighten your awareness and increase your understanding of radicalisation in the UK. This course contains expert content through close collaboration with the Office of Security and Counter Terrorism.  This course will heighten your awareness and increase your understanding of radicalisation in the UK. The course is split into three modules:

  • The Problem
  • Our Response
  • Your Role
  • The course contains additional resource materials, useful links and refresher guides.


    In this course you will learn:

  • The range of threats we face
  • What extremism is and how it’s linked to terrorism
  • The processes of radicalisation 
  • The role of social media
  • What religion has to do with it
  • The key legislation and recent updates
  • The government’s counter-terrorism strategy - CONTEST 
  • The Prevent strategy and the Prevent duty; what it means to different sectors and who it applies to
  • Channel – what it is and how it helps those at risk 
  • How radicalisation occurs
  • What the signs of radicalisation are
  • What makes people vulnerable
  • How to report concerns
  • How to help prevent violent extremism


    Here are some of the topics covered in this course:

    The UK threat level | What does terrorism look like? | The range of terror threats we face | What is extremism? | The difference between extremism and terrorism | Keep a perspective | What is radicalisation? | The radicalisation process | Why does it happen? | The role of social media | New government powers | Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 | The UK’s counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST) | The Prevent strategy | Who has a duty to prevent? | Overarching Prevent duties | Sector-specific Prevent duties | Covert activity; Freedom of speech | The Channel programme | How does Channel work? | What’s your role? Use your insight | The signs of radicalisation | What makes people vulnerable?; | How to raise concerns | Minor worries, serious worries and emergencies | Can you make a difference? | British values | Honest and open discussion | Keep yourself informed