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Safe Place to Fail - Creating a Fail Fast Environment


Failure is the key to innovation. When Sir Alexander Fleming’s experiments resulted in failure, he inadvertently discovered the antibiotic penicillin on a contaminated Petri dish. This discovery would change modern medicine across the planet and save countless lives. If he hadn’t failed, he never would’ve found penicillin.

As a leader, you want to encourage your employees to grow, experiment, and innovate. But how can they do this if they’re worried about getting it right 1st time? The answer is a ‘Fail-Fast’ environment in which they can try, fail, and learn quickly without worrying about getting it wrong. This course will help you implement Fail Fast and help you foster the correct type of failure.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Differentiate good failure from bad failure to encourage an environment of experimentation and not carelessness

Why take this course?

Nobody is perfect – and why would you want to be? When we fail, we try again and strive to improve and innovate. It might seem strange, encouraging your team to fail, but it will lead you to all kinds of innovation. This course, suitable for leaders or managers, will help you foster a Fail-Fast culture within your team, so they can constantly experiment and grow.