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Rehearsing for your Presentation

Course Overview

Do you rehearse? How do you rehearse and how long for? Rehearsing helps you become fluent with your delivery, your movements and your vocal expression. Learn how to rehearse effectively and prepare visual aids and handouts to impress.

Key Learning Points:

  • How to rehearse before presentations
  • How to use visual aids and handouts
  • Fluent delivery

Course Outcomes:

  • Rehearse to improve your ease with visual aids, handouts and timings
  • Explore your use of words and phrases for best impact
  • Experiment with voice “colour”: speed, volume, tone and the power of the pause
  • Rehearse in the same posture you plan to deliver, with your visual resources if appropriate
  • Rehearse alone initially and then seek supportive feedback when you feel prepared

Target Audience

All employees