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Programme and Project Sponsorship

Course Overview

In today's modern world organisations are continually moving forward, changing, reviewing and updating their capabilities on a regular basis.

The implementation of new strategies and initiatives will typically be delivered by targeted programmes and/or projects.

Such programmes and projects require a leader and champion to Sponsor and take accountability for successful delivery.

This programme has been developed to provide a clear understanding of what is required in the key role of Programme or Project Sponsor.

It addresses the key questions not only of "What should I be doing?" but also "What is an appropriate level of my involvement?" and "What should others be doing for me?"


This programme has been designed for anyone who is sponsoring or is about to become the sponsor of, and accountable for, a Change Programme or Project.

This programme is applicable to any organisation wishing to ensure that their business change leaders have a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities. It would be particularly relevant to:

  • Senior Responsible Owners
  • Project Sponsors
  • Project Executives
  • Programme Directors
  • Departmental Directors


Module 1

The Role of the Sponsor

  • What should we do?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • What do I need?
  • What will stop me?

Module 2

Working with People

  • Who and how?
  • Identifying and overcomingresistance
  • Communication and rapport
  • Building the right team

Module 3

Identifying & Establishing a Programme/Project

  • The Environment
  • What is the Target?
  • How can I be sure we can deliver?

Module 4

The Delivery Journey

  • Staying in control
  • Is it good practice or not?
  • Am I being told all I should?