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PowerPoint 2016 - From essentials to advanced skills


Discover PowerPoint and master all its features. From the essential to the advanced commands, this training programme will make it possible for you to progress in all aspects of the application (entering and processing text, managing slides, adding pictures and graphic objects, using masters, animations, running and sharing a slideshow…).


  • ENI offers you a unique educational interactivity with practical exercises directly within the applications and with an immediate result analysis, with the 4 training steps:
  • The learner watches a video
  • The learner carries out the exercise directly within the application
  • MEDIAplus instantaneously checks the answer
  • MEDIAplus provides the answer

Target Audience and Prerequisites

This course is for any user who wishes to discover or revise PowerPoint’s basic features and address its more advanced features. No prior knowledge of PowerPoint is necessary. However, some use of the software may make it possible to progress faster. 


  • PowerPoint 2016 – Level 1: Essential skills This module offers interactive training consisting of 32 training videos, 32 exercises and  5 additional resources.
  • PowerPoint 2016 – Level 2: Intermediate skills. This module offers interactive training consisting of 46 training videos, 46 exercises and  1 additional resource.
  • PowerPoint 2016 – Level 3: Advanced skills. This module offers interactive training consisting of 30 training videos, 30 exercises and  9 additional resources.

Complementary material

  • PowerPoint 2016 – Online reference book