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Positive Behaviour in Early Years


This level-2 e-learning course is suitable for anyone who works in an early years setting, and explores the reasons behind negative behaviour displayed by children in early years settings, how it can be responded to, and how positive behaviour can be encouraged.

This stripped-down "flick essentials" course is designed to give exactly the information that is required so that learners can carry on with what they do best – ideal for busy staff working in early years.

Law & Legislation

This course covers parts of the statutory framework for the early years foundation stage – first defined in Section 39 of the government’s Childcare Act 2006, which requires all UK childcare providers to comply with the welfare requirements of the EYFS, and, for those in England, the learning and development requirements too.

Course Content

  • Positive Behaviour in Early Years - Covering why children display negative behaviour, how to respond to it, and how positive behaviour can be encouraged consistently.