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Plant and Machinery


From putting dirty socks in the washer dryer to whacking that ready meal in the microwave, machinery is everywhere. Using these types of machines is thankfully straightforward and the risks to health and safety are minimal. But what if you are operating industrial machinery?

Complying with plant and machinery safety is a crucial part of your job whether you’re an employer, employee or supervisor. But if you’re unsure about why it’s so important and what the law requires then this course is for you.

After taking this training you should be able to:

  • Explain the importance of equipment safety
  • Identify responsibilities of employers and employees
  • List the Plant and machinery regulations
  • Describe the consequences of using unsafe equipment

Why take this course?

This course will benefit anyone who oversees or operates plant and machinery in the workplace; for example, in the construction, manufacturing or engineering industries.

Understanding how to use machinery safely will massively reduce your chances of suffering an accident or injury. So, stay safe and take this course. You can even eat your microwaved spag bol at the same time, so long as your computer is properly earthed.