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Personal Hygiene in the Workplace


Oscar the grouch was, well, grouchy, obviously. He might have just been lonely. Living in a bin will do that to you. ‘Alternative living’ like that will have a pretty obvious side effect: an appalling smell.

Good personal hygiene goes a long way. Especially when it comes to dealing with other people in the workplace. Let’s face it, your body and clothes will get dirty. You’ll accumulate dirt, food particles and germs, it’s only natural. But if you don’t clean yourself and your clothes regularly, you’ll start to smell like Oscar. That’s unprofessional. But what if it’s someone else that stinks? How do you tell them without creating upset? Well, this short course will help.

Outline learning Objectives:

  • Explain why good hygiene should be practiced
  • Describe the personal and social benefits of being clean
  • Demonstrate how to talk to others about their hygiene problems
  • Identify the HR policy on personal hygiene

Who should take this course?

Everyone should be aware that personal hygiene is important. Bad hygiene has negative consequences, like feeling isolated, and affecting your own and your colleagues’ productivity. Bad hygiene can also have serious health risks and spread illness. It’s a tricky subject to approach, but we all need to take it seriously.