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Moving Towards Energy Sufficiency


Welcome to Audio Learning from Assemble You.

Discover how energy sufficiency can empower you to make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable future. This lesson explores energy sufficiency, its definitions, and practical ways to incorporate it into daily life. After listening, you'll understand the value of this concept and how small changes can have a significant impact. While energy efficiency is a well-known term, energy sufficiency might be less familiar. Energy sufficiency is about reducing the demand for energy and asking how much energy is enough for our needs. We'll also address the challenges associated with energy sufficiency and provide guidance on navigating them. 

Given the pressing climate crisis, feeling powerless and disconnected is common. However, we encourage you to stay engaged as positive developments in the industry can inspire and reassure you.

Learning Objectives

  • Establish what energy sufficiency is.
  • Discover why energy sufficiency is important.
  • Understand the core three elements of energy sufficiency. 

Target Audience

Anyone looking to understand what energy sufficiency is, why it’s important, and how they can change their habits.