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Missing Children


In 2018, 1,990 looked after children went missing from care – an increase of double since the last Government report of 2015. Missing Children gives you an understanding of the Government’s Statutory Guidance on children who run away or go missing from home or care. It describes what local authorities need in terms of runaway and missing from home and care protocol, including assessing a child’s level of risk when they are missing, and what should happen once they are found or return independently. This course will give you the confidence to know what to do when a child goes missing and how children going missing or being absent can be prevented.


With scenarios and questions it covers topics such as: the terms ‘missing’ and ‘absent’; Statutory Guidance; why a child might go missing; preparation; care planning and review; risk assessment - responsibilities; absent from the looked after service (residential care and foster care); absent from home; how to make notifications and to whom; information to make available to the police; missing outside of the Borough; reviewing and monitoring absences; making a report to Children’s Services; the Police Merlin Report; and returning a child to their address, including Safe and Well Checks and Independent Return Interviews.