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Managing Mental Ill-Health


In a society with a growing number of reported cases of mental ill health, it is essential managers and supervisors know how to respond to the complex issues associated with these conditions. This program focuses on duty of care and manager responsibilities, behavioural indicators and how to approach a worker for whom a manager has concerns. This program has been developed under the guidance of iHRAustralia’s consulting psychologist and is consistent with the expectations of courts and tribunals in this sensitive aspect of employment.


  • Module 1 covers the observable indicators of mental ill health;
  • Module 2 focuses on the initiation of conversation about mental ill health;
  • Module 3 covers conducting the conversation;
  • Module 4 provides ideas on handling common reactions to those sometimes challenging conversations; and
  • Additional Resources: Information Library, Video Clips,Assessment and Activities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the approach that should be taken by managers facing mental ill health challenges within their team;
  • Be in a better position to understand some indicators of mental ill health;
  • Be able to conduct a conversation with a person whose workplace behaviour indicates mental health challenges;
  • Understand Workplace Health and Safety duties, confidentiality and privacy obligations; and Understand legal obligations not to discriminate against a worker with a mental health challenge, how to make reasonable adjustment strategies for the worker and protect the confidentiality and privacy of the worker


  • Managers