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Managing Hybrid Teams


You’re in charge of a different kind of work environment now. It’s everywhere, and it’s nowhere. How you handle that environment will determine if your team thrives. Make sure your team understands not only their objective, but also their purpose and how they fit into the company.

Modules in this new series include:

  1. Managing Your Hybrid Team: Track What’s Working and What’s Not
  2. How to Design and Launch Your Hybrid Team
  3. Hiring and Onboarding for Virtual Teams
  4. Making Hybrid Work Fair for Everyone
  5. Simplifying Technology for Hybrid Teams
  6. How to Sync Hours on Hybrid Teams
  7. Pick the Right Communication Tools for Hybrid Teams
  8. Building and Maintaining Trust on Hybrid Teams
  9. Tips for Helping Hybrid Teams Thrive
  10. Managing Outcomes, Not Time

Learning Objectives:

  • Keep everyone involved in team meetings and activities, even when they’re in person.
  • Create diverse team member pairings to keep everyone involved and bridge gaps in the team community.
  • Talk about your dynamics, values, and the general culture, and listen to feedback.