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Manage Stress and Thrive Under Pressure


Stress exhibits itself in manifold ways, with both inward and outward physical, emotional, physiological and psychological signs. Stress is unavoidable, but we can alter our relationship with stress by using cognitive reframing to view it as positive. 

In this course, we will start by discussing where stress originates. We’ll detail the physiological processes and hormones which cause a “fight-or-flight” response when we encounter a stressful scenario. 

We will then talk about scientifically proven methods for dealing with stress and avoiding the profoundly negative impacts of chronic or long-term stress. Next, we’ll explore the distinction between pressure and stress and how you can reduce the impact of high-pressure situations by applying forethought and better understanding your relationship with stress. 

Finally, we’ll conclude with some further advice on turning pressure in your favour such that you can thrive under it and how you can help others in your network deal with their stress.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand stress and its main triggers.
  • Explore ways to actively manage stress, and provide tips, tricks and coping strategies
  • Create ways to cope with pressure
  • Understand how to turn stress into opportunities to thrive
  • Identify how to support others with stress


Professionals who are looking for ways to manage their stress and thrive under pressure.