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Make Time For You


Welcome to Audio Learning from Assemble You.

If you’ve been feeling stressed out, anxious, or overwhelmed lately, you’re not alone. Today’s fast-paced, high-demand world requires us to manage so much and all at once. But, with a little tweak to your daily routine, you can more easily deal with what’s being thrown at you. You can calm down, slow down, and de-stress by making more time for yourself.

That’s right, make time for yourself. Sounds simple, but how do we actually take a step back from our busy lives and practice self-care?

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how saying no can open up time for important self-care.
  • Learn meditating even for just a few minutes a day can have great benefits.
  • Learn how physical activity enables positive mood.
  • Learn how a good sleep pattern contributes to a calm mind.

Target Audience

Anybody who is struggling to find time for themselves, or is frazzled, anxious, or even depressed due to having too many commitments and not enough time for self-care.