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MS Windows 7: Introduction


In this course, you will get to know the basic terms of the computer environment and the basics of manipulation with the computer in the Microsoft Windows 7 environment. You will learn how to create a simple text and how to work with files and folders.


  • System requirements, Windows 7 editions overview
  • Logging on to Windows and working with the mouse
  • Turning off the computer
  • Working with desktop icons
  • Working with a program window
  • Launching a program and showing multiple windows
  • The taskbar
  • The Start menu
  • Windows Explorer
  • Creating folders
  • Moving and copying folders and files
  • Working with the Recycle Bin
  • Creating a text file
  • Saving and opening a file
  • Libraries, searching for folders and files
  • Working with shortcuts
  • Using Windows Help and Support