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MS Windows 7: Advanced


In this course, you will familiarize yourself with the Windows 7 facilities and the options of setting your computer environment by using Control Panel. You will learn advanced management of files, program installation, and work in computer network. You will learn to backup data and protect them from viruses.


  • Windows Explorer
  • Data sharing between files
  • Data insertion and linking
  • Snipping Tool
  • Gadgets
  • Paint
  • WordPad and Notepad
  • Calculator
  • Fonts and characters
  • Windows Update
  • Network locations and drives
  • Users and accounts
  • Shared folders and security
  • Homegroup
  • Display settings
  • Region and Language settings, Keyboard
  • Mouse settings and Ease of access
  • Date and Time
  • Installing and uninstalling programs
  • Installing new hardware
  • The taskbar settings
  • Compression
  • Remote desktop connection
  • Backup
  • System Restore