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MS Excel 2010: Advanced


In this course, you will learn to work with the advanced Microsoft Excel functions for data manipulation and analysis. You will familiarize yourself with macro creation, with the XML format and its use in MS Excel, with protecting and managing permissions for accessing workbooks.


  • Work with range names
  • Form creation in a sheet
  • Protection options within workbooks
  • Conditional calculations
  • Conditional calculations using SUMIF and COUNTIF
  • Working with an array
  • Calculation criteria in database functions
  • Using functions for searching in tables
  • Data import
  • Work with Microsoft Query
  • Complicated queries in Microsoft Query
  • Data merging
  • Sheet scenarios
  • Resolver
  • What-if analysis and goal seek
  • Statistical methods and functions
  • Macros recording and usage
  • The VBA code view and editing
  • Webpages, links and e-mail sending
  • File security
  • Permission control
  • Introduction to XML
  • Working with data in the XML format