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MS Access 2013: Advanced


In the course MS Access 2013: Advanced, you will familiarise yourself with action queries. You will examine different types of queries in the SQL view and will get acquainted with the essential clauses of this language. You will learn to create and use macros to automate your work with databases. You will explore importing and exporting of objects and their data. You will examine the printing options of different objects in details and you will familiarise yourself with normalisation of data. You will also examine the options of navigation in a database.


  • Update and append queries
  • Other action queries
  • SQL language and specific query types
  • SQL - domain functions and subqueries
  • Pick up parameters from forms
  • Macro basics
  • Assigning a macro to a button
  • Data validation via macros
  • Data evaluation via macros
  • Data exporting
  • Objects importing and splitting a database
  • Programmatic import and export
  • XML format
  • Object dependencies and properties inheritance
  • Navigation in a database
  • Security and privacy in databases
  • Database print and documentation
  • Data normalization