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Scaring your friends with ghost stories round a campfire just wouldn’t be fun in the daylight, would it? And you can’t play ‘murder in the dark’ without the dark, can you? You see, poor lighting can add drama to a situation. But in the workplace, having proper lighting can literally be a life or death situation.

Working in an environment with poor natural light or inadequate lighting can pose a serious risk to your safety. And, believe it or not, it could be the cause of some painful health issues too. In this short course, you’re going to learn exactly why it’s important to stay well-lit at work. Illuminating.

Outline Learning Objective?

  • Describe what the requirements are for adequate lighting
  • Explain why bad light can cause BIG problems
  • Demonstrate how to start beating bad light

Who should take this course?

Wherever you work, and whatever your role, this course is relevant to you because it will help you understand the problems that arise from having bad lighting in the workplace. Managers or persons in charge of workplace health and safety should pay special attention as this course covers the guidance to follow for adequate lighting to be fully compliant with health and safety requirements.

Why should I take this course?

Whether you work alone or with others, the need for adequate lighting is always there. Injury or illness caused by bad lighting is avoidable, so knowing what to do and what to look out for is a vital part of safe working. This course will help you understand the dangers of having insufficient lighting and illumination levels in the workplace, and help you assess and manage the health and safety risks attributable to lighting in the workplace.