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Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals


Welcome to Audio Learning from Assemble You.

In this track, we will introduce the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs. You may have heard about various sustainability targets, but these 17 objectives are significant because they are backed by 193 countries. 

After listening, you will have up-to-date knowledge of the 17 goals and an understanding of how they link together. You will also be aware of the history of the Sustainable Development Goals and the issues that nations face when trying to work towards the same aims.

Let’s start from the beginning. When and how were they established?

Sustainability is one of the main building blocks towards a brighter future. The United Nations is one of the organisations that puts sustainability at the forefront. It was founded in 1945, and it acts as a collaborative organisation where world leaders and representatives can engage in discourse about global issues. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals are part of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 17 goals form the core of the plan to create ‘peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.’ 

Learning Objectives

  • Discover what the Sustainable Development Goals are
  • Examine why we need sustainability goals 
  • Identify the key Sustainable Development Goals 

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to gain a broad understanding of the origins, aims, and issues surrounding the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.