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Introduction to the Cryptocurrency for Law


This course from blockchain experts Blocknorth, who are also closely allied with key augmented reality partners, will give you a clear understanding of the history and background of Cryptocurrency. The course covers the origins and different classifications of Cryptocurrency together with examples of current and potential uses. It also looks at trading in Cryptocurrency and references other technologies such as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). It then assesses the numerous legal challenges and issues facing Cryptocurrency

Course Contents

Unit 1: Background and History of Cryptocurrency

  • The definition of Cryptocurrency
  • Background and brief history
  • The origins of Bitcoin
  • The importance of Blockchain technology
  • The difference between coins and tokens

Unit 2: Cryptocurrencies in Action

  • More about Bitcoin
  • Different classifications
    • Transactional cryptocurrencies
    • Platform cryptocurrencies
    • Utility cryptocurrencies
  • Discussion of some of the other major Cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin
  • A look at some of the headline grabbers over the last few years

Unit 3: Trading, the Future, and a nod to NFTs

  • The pros and cons of trading in Cryptocurrency.
  • The interaction of other technologies, such as,
    • NFTs
    • The Metaverse
  • A look at the future of the sector
  • Discussion on further decentralisation i.e.
    • Dapps – decentralised apps
    • DeFi – decentralised finance

Unit 4: Legal Issues facing Cryptocurrency

  • Jurisdictional and contractual issues
  • Privacy and the problem of data theft
  • The very real threat of money laundering
  • Tax implications associated with cryptocurrency
  • The problems of establishing intellectual property rights
  • Legal and regulatory concerns for investors