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Introduction to Safe Systems of Work


You’ve Been Framed has taught us that hazards are everywhere. From tangled wires and broken plug sockets, to a slippery dance floor at a wedding reception, potential dangers are lurking around every corner. Usually the hazard is the star of a hilarious video but, when it comes to business, a hazard must be dealt with carefully.

In the workplace it’s imperative to spot and remove hazards so nobody can injure themselves. But when they cannot be removed, and an element of risk remains, safe systems of work come into their own.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to assess a task
  • Implement a safe system of work
  • Describe how to monitor a safe system of work

Why should I take this course?

Whether you are a lawyer, construction worker or a chocolate maker, you must be qualified to perform your task with caution. All employers have the legal duty to assess this, and this course will give you a better understanding of safeguarding workers efficiently, so you don’t end up in breach of protecting your staff.